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Serbelloni, Italy
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By Carol Weinshel, Correspondent

Located at the most extreme spot on Lake Como, Bellagio could be the closest thing to paradise. From the most beautiful sunrises to the most break-taking sunsets on the lake, one quickly leaves all of the pressures of daily life to savor the beauty and solitude of this lovely little town. The pace is slow, the people friendly, the shops filled with "just that little something different", the restaurants all serving wonderful home-cooked meals and an opportunity for more water sports than anyone could ever want. What a perfect place to relax while touring throughout Italy or to spend a well-earned vacation.

Owned by the Bucher Family, the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is the only 5-star deluxe hotel in Bellagio and while it boasts a rich and interesting history of almost 125 years, it also continues to meet the needs of today¹s visitors. The newly opened Spa of Villa Serbelloni uses only the finest techniques to reduce stress and decrease tension. From the soothing colors of the subtly-decorated rooms to the personnel trained in programs of beauty and massages, one is assured of leaving Bellagio stress-free and relaxed.

The complex itself has only 83 individually decorated rooms with 13 apartments with bedrooms and kitchenettes ­ just perfect for the repeat family visitors. Management will tell you that the staff has served generations of families because once you visit the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni as a child, you¹re sure to return as an adult. Based on the friendliness of the staff and their complete willingness to please, one always feels welcome and comfortable here. Quaint and inviting, Bellagio itself boasts visits by Roosevelt, Napoleon, Rudolph Valentino, Isadora Duncan, Longfellow, Shelley, Toscanini and Liszt, not mention the noble families of Lombardy as well who were intrigued by its beauty.

Bellagio is a beautiful ride of no more than 30 kilometers along Lake Como from either the town of Como or Lecco or for those who prefer the easier route, ferry service runs from Menaggio (check on locations) and while considerably shorter in time, affords a view of the mountains, lake and countryside that can only be appreciated from the water. Airport transportation from Milan is available either by private cars or minibuses.

Shopping // Although one does not travel to Bellagio for a shopping expedition, there are numerous shops filled with gift ideas, antiques, china, pottery, clothing, jewelry, silks, carved olive wood, hand-blown glass, leather articles and candles. Each shop is different and has an ambiance all its own.

Attractions // One can explore Bellagio on foot, in the car or on the water, but be assured that the views will be breathtaking, the gardens magnificent, the churches and basilicas rich in a history of well over 1000 years, and the villas truly a lesson in architecture. Surely, a highlight of anyone¹s vacation should be the 18th Century Gardens at Villa Serbelloni and for a day trip check out the excursions along the Lake with a stop at a castle for lunch.

Restaurants // The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is the place to dine if one is looking for elegance and refinement in a setting on the Lake. In the summer, terrace dining is spectacular but one never minds moving inside during the winter months because the view is so spectacular. Jackets are required, live music plays in the background and it¹s especially wise to leave room for the dessert buffet. The breakfast buffet at the hotel is sumptuous and the staff is quick to keep the plates full and the food fresh and hot or cold. In town, there are many restaurants nestled in the cobblestone hilly alleys. For excellent food, an extremely friendly staff, a warm and inviting hostess and affordable prices, La Grotta on Salita Cernaia is a must.

By Carol Weinshel, Correspondent

As the place to stop and take a deep breath after 10 days of intense touring throughout Italy, my husband and I were guided to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni based on its reputation. True to its word, the hotel afforded us the relaxation that we so desperately needed and a time to get a second wind. Sitting poolside or along the beach, enjoying the magnificent gardens and meandering through the town, we found ourselves thoroughly relaxed as we bid farewell for the next part of our journey. It was the perfect spot for us and based on what we saw on our visit, certainly a favorite of people of all ages from all over the world who return year after year to be pampered, to enjoy delicious food and to relax. Visit Bellagio and the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni as we did and you¹ll leave your cares behind you!


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